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Independent Generator Test 92.3% Efficiency

How to Calculate Needed Torque

Torque = ((wattage / 745) x 5252) / RPM

10.2 HP Electric Motor
Single Phase 220VAC

10KW Hybrid Split-Phase Inverter
48V 110/240VAC Max PV 500V Hybrid Solar Inverter Support Split-phase/single-phase Dual MPPT Max 22A Charge Current
10 kW Hybrid Split-Phase Inverter

Completely powers with AC 120/240 VAC 60 Hz On/Off GridConnects to Solar Panels / Generators / Grid

Connects to House/Business/Etc. Connects to Charge / Run Off Batteries

*NEW*  (AI) SuperEfficient 23.5 kW Generator
Using the latest Technology Stator DESIGN
$5,996 USD
**NEW** (AI) 30 kW DC Generator With 0.025" Laminations
12.5"W x 12.5" H x 24" L  - 1" Shaft 1/4" Key Way 115 LBS  
$6,995 USD
*NEW* 36.9kW SuperEfficient DC Generator with 0.025" Laminations
$7,690 USD
*NEW* 65 kW Super Efficient DC
Generator with 0.025" Laminations
DC (AI) 85kW Generator With 0.025" Laminations and Heavy Duty Rectifiers
12.5"W x 12.5" H x 24" L  - 1" Shaft 1/4" Key Way 150 LBS

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$14,295 USD
**NEW**  112 kW DC Generator With 0.025" Laminations
12.5"W x 12.5"H x 48" L -1" Shaft 1/4" Key Way 270 LBS
$16,995 USD
**NEW** 172 kW DC Generator with 0.025"
High Efficiency Laminations
19.5" W x 19.5" H x 24" L - 1 1/4" Shaft - 360 LBS
$91,995 USD
*new*  280 kW DC Generator with 0.025"
High Efficiency laminations
33.25" W x 33.25" H x 24" L with 2" Shaft 450 LBS
$149,955 USD
Because of increasingly higher credit card fees and to keep prices as low as possible,
All Payments Are Made By Check or Bank Transfer

Important Options
Heavy Duty Option for the Generator
Includes Eighteen 50A/1000v V Diodes
w/ 10 year Warranty
Wireless Watts/Amps/Volts Display $579.00 USD
Tachometer/RPM Display $475.00 USD
Ceramic Bearings
Adding These Makes the Generator Warranty 20 yrs
$896.00 USD
13 HP Engine - Gasoline
For 10,000 watt generators

Thanks  best dam generator ever!
"It’s a really good product."
"I have been running at 8 hours a day for months.
The generator arrived in perfect condition! It looks great!
To find out how fast I Can recharge my lithium batteries at.
We just got the approval of my international patent. 
"We are producing phenomenal results with your generator,
in low RPM or high RPM."
"This 15 kW is putting out, if not 30 kW,damn close to it.
It is a bear.  Thanks for all you do."
"To your credit, your generator is making our project a success"
"Compared your generator to 10 others.  The others did not come close."


All generator prices are FOB Florida,
terms of use are agreed to, and buyer pays S&H charges.

** Due to increased orders **

Allow at least 6-12 weeks or more for delivery due to so many orders.  We do extensive testing of our products before shipping.
All AC Generators require inverters.
FTC reserves the right to change design and appearance without notice.