Why FTC’s Crypto Generators Work Better





The concept is simple: DC voltage is more efficient than AC voltage.

AC voltage was developed by Tesla to allow transmission of electrical current over long distances.  The voltage could be raised to high levels with very low current and transmitted.  When the power reached its intended user the voltage is converted by transformers to low voltage with high current.

 There are inherent problems with this process.  AC voltage radiates power all along its path.  If you have ever driven under high voltage power lines, you could hear a 60 Hz hum with an AM radio.  That hum is power being radiated and wasted.

Further, to use AC line power in low voltage electrical devices, you have to convert the line voltage to low DC voltage.  Again, this is a waste of energy because normally a transformer is involved.  The low AC power has to be converter to DC using a bridge rectifier and filter capacitors.

Modern crypto miners try to overcome this problem by positioning a bridge rectifier at the input of the power supply.  This allows a broad range of input voltages.  If you look at the AC input it is normally 120 to 230 AC voltages with 50 or 60 Hz.  When this is shown that means the input is a rectifier and it is called a split phase power supply.  Below is an image.

 The problem still exists that the voltage swing between high and low has to go through zero.  When the voltage swings between high and low there is zero power in the system.  Engineers try to compensate for this zero power by installing larger filter capacitors, which continually charge and discharge electrical power.  These capacitors have limits and often cannot push enough power into the system under period of high demand.

 The image below shows when the AC line voltage swings between high and low there is a loss of efficiency.  When the voltage goes toward or through zero, the user is losing money.  Conversely, the DC voltage that the FTC Generators produce never go near zero.


 The FTC Generators produce continuous DC, which is why they are more efficient at driving crypto miners.  Because of an ingenious design, there are no capacitors in FTC Generators.  Instead, we have placed 18 rectifiers that compensate for any demand from the system.  If the prime mover can keep the power applied to the generator, the FTC Generators will keep a steady flow of DC current flowing.

 The crypto miner will use less energy to do the same thing.  We have regularly seen as much as a 40% decrease in power demand compared to line voltage.