FTC Torque Calculator
You can use this calculator to determine the amount of torque or twisting force necessary at specific RPMs to achieve the wattage you desire.
Enter the desired watts and specified RPM to get the correct torque
and horsepower required at the specified RPM.
QUALITY IS NOT CHEAP: Our generators use special individually laser cut laminations made from the best insulated electrical steel.  The bearings are high performance - rated at 17,000 RPM.  The magnets are N52 neodymium.  The design took 12 years to perfect and each generator is hand-made in America.  They are designed to last 20 years.  We will not compromise on quality.

Convert your RPM and torque to electrical energy

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Torque Ft. Lbs.
Torque  N.M.
Needed Horsepower


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