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FLASH - 36 Manufacturing sites being set up worldwide. 
Utah is preparing to build 100 Generators/day

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To answer the shipper’s questions about origin, our zip code is 32725
For 60 kW Generator -
Dimensions are 12”x12”x24” Weight is 115 lbs.
For 5/30 kW Generators
Dimensions are 12”x12”x18” Weight is 65 lbs.
Put your address in their site and you’ll get 3 prices for shipping.
All generator prices are FOB Florida, terms of use are agreed to, and buyer pays S&H charges.
** Due to increased orders **
Allow at least 6-12 weeks or more for delivery due to so many orders.  We do extensive testing of our products before shipping.


The new Alpha generators will be slightly larger. Instead of 11" H x 11" W, they are 11.75" H x 11.75" W. They will still be 18" long and weigh slightly more. We've spent a great deal of time improving these generators to make them even better and more efficient.

Generators/Power Solutions
All AC Inverters are Pure Sine Wave, LF type

*NEW*  3.5 kW Ultra-Low RPM Generator w/ AC Inverter $1,713.00 USD
 7.5 kW Ultra-Low RPM Generator w/ AC Inverter $2,499.00 USD
*NEW*  14.2 kW Ultra-Low RPM Generator w/ AC Inverter $2,995.00 USD
**NEW** Turnkey 14.2 kW Gen. System W/ 10 kW AC Inverter $6,996.00 USD

Because of increasingly higher credit card fees and to keep prices as low as possible,
All Payments Are Made By Check or Bank Transfer
Call to arrange Payment

If you MUST use a credit card, give us a call (386) 747-3999.

Wireless Watts/Amps/Volts Display $229.00 USD
Tachometer/RPM Display $115.00 USD
Ceramic Bearings $686.00 USD