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Just received my generator and it's in perfect condition. It spins like butter." Eka D All generator prices are FOB Florida, terms of use are agreed to, and buyer pays S&H charges.
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FREE CERAMIC BEARINGS ($686 Value) - Because of the high demand for the new 30 kW and 60 kW generators, we are extending the offer of free ceramic bearings for those generators. This is for a very limited time.
We will withdraw this offer very soon without notice.

*NEW*  2.5 kW Ultra-Low RPM Generator $1,713.00 USD
5 kW Ultra-Low RPM Generator $2,859.00 USD
*NEW*  10 kW Ultra-Low RPM Generator $3,432.00 USD
*NEW* 792 AMP Low RPM Generator $4995.00 USD
 *NEW* 30 kW Low RPM Generator $3,995.00 USD
*NEW* 45 kW Ultra Low RPM Generator $7,500.00 USD
 *NEW* 60 kW Ultra Low RPM Generator $8,500.00 USD

Because of increasingly higher credit card fees and to keep prices as low as possible,
All Payments Are Made By Check or Bank Transfer
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Wireless Watts/Amps/Volts Display $229.00 USD
Tachometer/RPM Display $115.00 USD
Ceramic Bearings $686.00 USD


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